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The Provenance:
Cape Palliser, New Zealand

rachel hall

The Origins: Lighthouse Gin

Lighthouse Gin was established in 2005 by founder and original Master Distiller, Neil Catherall, who spent over 5 years developing his custom 200-liter copper still and his unique botanical formula to craft small batch gin. Rachel Hall joined the Lighthouse Gin team in 2010, and after years of learning from Neil and experimenting for herself, she advanced to the position of Head Distiller in 2014, becoming New Zealand’s first female Head Distiller.

Rachel Hall is a passionate craftswoman, unaffected by hype and solely focused on crafting a remarkable gin and sharing it with the world. Some refer to Rachel as an “accidental purist” as she is meticulous in the sourcing of Lighthouse’s ingredients. She drives her truck up to source the spring water herself and hand zests the Yen Ben lemons to achieve the hallmark Lighthouse style of clarity and smoothness.

– Photo by Sam Cameron Photography

Lighthouse Gin
Distilled with Yen Ben Lemons